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School Development Plan (SDP)


1. Quality of Education 
  • Continue to embed the wider curriculum so that it is routinely strong in all subjects, coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills beyond KS2.
  • Continue to raise standards and accelerate progress in writing, including all groups of children.

2. Behaviour and Attitudes
  • To continue to encourage full attendance.
  • Pupils have positive attitudes and a commitment to their education, displaying highly motivated and persistent approaches in the face of difficulties. 
3. Personal development
  • To continue to support pupils to be both physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and to have an understanding of how to be responsible, active citizens that contribute positively to society.
4. Leadership and management 
  • Leaders continue to focus on improving teachers' subject and pedagogical content knowledge in order to enhance the teaching of the curriculum and the appropriate use of assessment.
  • Ensure that governors are aligned with the vision and strategy and that resources are managed well.

5. Quality of Education in Early Years  
  • To focus on providing a high quality, ambitious curriculum so that all pupils have the opportunity to build solid foundations and reach their full potential.
  • Early writing opportunities are systematically developed across the wider curriculum.