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 St Peter’s of Eaton Square C of E Primary School 

Science Curriculum Overview


The curriculum at St Peter’s aims to inspire children to learn, celebrating the rich diversity across St Peter’s school, church and wider local community. Our curriculum places every child at the centre of learning. We endeavor to nurture our children’s individuality, supporting their development of interpersonal skills and resilience to become creative, critical thinkers.

St Peter’s curriculum works in parallel with the national curriculum and provides opportunities for all children including those with SEND and aims to break barriers and challenge stereotypes.

We pride ourselves on having a curriculum that gives a voice to all pupils which enables them to build important life skills, knowledge and cultural capital required for successful life opportunities.


Our children are receptive to learning and have great potential and every adult will continue to promote high standards and a true love of learning. Our teachers will always attempt to use local learning opportunities within walking distance from the school (museums and galleries) to provide meaningful enrichment opportunities for the children.


Children at St Peter’s will develop detailed knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum taught and given regular opportunities to articulate their learning through opportunities for retrieval practice; to showcase that their fluency and mastery is incrementally improving. They will demonstrate a love of learning through pride in all that they do with the ability to persevere when challenges arise. The quality and breadth of work seen in books and learning environments will showcase their learning over time.

Service, hope, love, forgiveness, faith and wisdom will be integral to their values and relationships.