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St Peter’s Eaton Square C of E Primary School

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The school will still be participating in the British Science Association Poster Competition. The theme of the poster competition is 'Our Diverse Planet'. Children are encouraged to think about the theme scientifically and creatively.

Some children have already completed their posters and handed them in to the school. These have been received and will be considered. 

If you have not completed your poster or would like to complete another, then please work on one at home and send completed work to the school. Your entry can be submitted via post or email (scan or clear photograph). Please title your email 'Science Poster Competition'. 

All entries must be submitted by Monday 30th March. 

Five winners from St Peter's Eaton Square Primary School will be chosen. The school will then submit these entries to the British Science Association. Each school is only allowed to submit a maximum of 5 entries. Pictures of the winning posters will be posted on the school website.

Please see attached PDF document below, which contains information about rules, prizes and how entries will be judged. 

​We look forward to receiving your entries!

Lara le Court de Billot, Year 6 Teacher / Science Lead


Many parents have been using Mathletics and the suggested Home Learning resources on our website for many years. These include reading list, spelling lists, maths activities & problems and many other aspects of the curriculum. 

You may also wish to scrutinise the planning overviews to see the areas each year group study over the year. 

In the event of self-isolation or school closure we also encourage parents to take up the Twinkl free offer on this link.


The offer code is UKTWINKLHELPS

There is also a  Twinkl blog, which has simple How to use tips. 

It can be overwhelming for parents if they are not sure what to do with their children. However, there is a useful Parent Hub and Parent User Guide that makes the site easier to navigate and has activities that parents and chn can do at home.

We can also recommend the following free websites:

This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.

Khan Academy
Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it's mostly common material.

BBC Learning
This site is no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.

Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.

Creative computer programming

Ted Ed
All sorts of engaging educational videos

National Geographic Kids
Activities and quizzes for younger kids.

Learn languages for free. Web or app.

Mystery Science
Free science lessons

The Kids Should See This
Wide range of cool educational videos

Crash Course
You Tube videos on many subjects

Crash Course Kids
As above for a younger audience

Prodigy Maths
Maths questions, plus gaming. 

Cbeebies Radio
Listening activities for the younger ones.

Nature Detectives
A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!

Oxford Owl for Home
Lots of free resources for Primary age

Geography Games
Geography gaming

Red Ted Art
Easy arts and crafts for little ones

Toy Theater
Educational online games

DK Find Out
Activities and quizzes