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St Peter’s Eaton Square C of E Primary School

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School Self Evaluation & School Development Plan


Please note this is a working document. A review of the previous SDP and a  more detailed current plan will be available shortly.

  1. Quality of education
    1. To improve the delivery of an ambitious, well planned, relevant and creative curriculum, encouraging independent, self-motivated and active learners.
    2. To maintain and improve outcomes for all pupil groups in reading, writing, maths and science.
  2. Behaviour and attitudes
    1. To maintain a happy, caring and safe learning environment where everyone thrives, developing resilience, confidence and independence.
    2. To encourage full attendance and an excellent punctuality record.
  3. Personal development
    1. To nurture children and guide them to show respect, consideration and responsibility for others and their environment, both within the school and the wider community.
    2. To encourage and inspire all pupils to achieve their true potential through effective inclusive practice, which includes a wide range of experiences.
  4. Leadership and management
    1. The SLT and governors have a clear and ambitious vision for an effective, efficient and happy school, which involves and benefits pupils, parents and staff.
    2. The DSLs and governors ensure the school maintains a robust safeguarding culture and procedure.
  5. Quality of education in early years
    1. To focus on providing a high quality, ambitious curriculum so all children have the opportunity to build solid foundations and reach their full potential.
    2. To focus on improving the outside play learning opportunities.
  6. Overall effectiveness
    1. To ensure that the quality of education and all the key judgements remain outstanding.
    2. To ensure that our safeguarding procedures are effective.