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Collective worship assemblies and Church services

At St. Peter's, the approach to collective worship is invitational, inclusive, and inspiring, fostering a welcoming and meaningful experience for all pupils.


St. Peter's emphasises that collective worship is inclusive, and everyone is welcome to participate as much or as little as they are comfortable with. This approach respects individual choices, ensuring that children are not compelled or expected to pray but are invited to do so if they wish. It recognises and respects the diversity of home experiences and encourages reflection in ways that are meaningful to each individual.


The school strives to make collective worship inclusive by selecting topics and ideas that are shared across different faiths and world views. When presenting Christian teachings, we make it clear that these are beliefs held by Christians, promoting an understanding of various perspectives. Teachers also ensure that activities are accessible, catering to pupils and from diverse backgrounds and needs.


St. Peter's aims to make collective worship inspiring for those who participate. We seek to engage emotions, fostering feelings of peace, comfort, hope, or motivation. The worship activities are designed to encourage action, critical thinking, and reflection on one's faith or beliefs, as well as an appreciation of the beliefs of others