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Culturally Inclusive Curriculum

Situated in the heart of London, with an ever-transformative demographic of children and staff, we work to ensure that our curriculum is representative of all. We aim for our pupils to learn about a range of culturally inclusive historic and present-day figures in the topics that we teach. With this, we hope that our pupils have an inherent sense of identity and belonging in the knowledge that their contributions are celebrated in school and the wider society we live in.

We have carefully selected people of interest studies that are representative not just of our wider community but those from the wider world too. It is through explicitly preparing our pupils to gain a comprehensive understanding of the wider multiplex world that our pupils will learn not to be tolerant of individuals but will in fact celebrate them. 

How do we celebrate cultural inclusivity at St Peter's?
See just some of the many examples:

Remembrance day

Across the school, children in each year group have the opportunity to discuss the meaning of poppies, and who the different coloured, textured and variations of poppies represent. We warmly welcome welcome our community to proudly wear their poppies as a meaningful symbol of remembrance for the cherished individuals from their diverse heritages and cultures. 

Black history month

While we celebrate black history month all year round, in the UK October marks Black History Month.  At St Peter’s we have a number of events and special trips during this month. Look out for them in our Autumn Newsfeed and see our Black History Month icon below to see our highlights from 2023. 

World celebratory events 

We teach our pupils about a range of different world celebrations in detail. Our pupils acquire knowledge about the reasons behind the celebration of Diwali across various religious and cultural communities, gaining insights into the unique ways in which it is commemorated. Additionally, they explore the diverse occasions throughout the year when Lunar New Year is observed, delving into the distinct practices and celebrations associated with it across various religions and cultures.

Inclusion assemblies
As a school we celebrate our differences and recognise how each of us are unique and special. In assemblies, we learn about neurodiversity, and mental health.

Behaviour Policy
Adaptation of behaviour policy to include emotional coaching and zones of regulations to emphasise the link between emotions and behaviour.

POI studies
We have reviewed our people of interest studies and mapped out representative figures that we want our pupils to learn about. We want our pupils to recognise the contributions of all figures.

Reading Spine Books

Each year group has their own curated reading spine, where we have chosen books which allow children to learn and explore topics that reflect our inclusive curriculum.