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The Latin Programme Improves English literacy in state primary schools through the study of Latin.

We combine classical Latin with modern English grammar and vocabulary, teaching everything in English first before introducing the equivalent in Latin.  Our fun yet rigorous approach emphasises cooperation, kinaesthetic learning and critical thinking and has proven results.

Once a week throughout the school year one of our highly trained teachers visits each class to deliver the programme.  Using imaginative teaching methods such as storytelling, games, songs and raps we create a well-rounded and visceral learning experience that boosts literacy levels, SAT results and supports the transition to secondary school. By the end of a year of The Latin Programme pupils of all levels come to understand sophisticated grammatical structures, their meanings and the patterns that are repeated across several languages.”

Latin is taught in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6). 

Below are some links to games which children can use to practise and develop their Latin knowledge.