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St Peter’s of Eaton Square C of E Primary School

PE Curriculum Overview


All pupils at St Peter’s will develop a wide range of physical competences whilst fostering a love for healthy competition, lifestyle and teamwork. PE lessons will embed British values such as mutual respect and fairness, in addition to building character. Our curriculum equips pupils of all health, fitness and skill levels with the knowledge, experience and motivation to enjoy and take pride in their physical and sports activities.


Our physical education curriculum is carefully planned to include a range of indoor and outdoor-based lessons throughout the year and provides a varied and progressive learning programme. All children receive at least two engaging, high-quality and enjoyable physical education lessons per week, as well as having the opportunity to take part in at least 45 minutes of physical activities per day in the playground. Each class receives at least a one-hour PE lesson from a specialist PE coach each week and children are encouraged to sign up to interschool competitions with Westminster Active at least twice a year. Appropriate provision is in place to support a range of learning needs and abilities and ensure positive outcomes for all children. At St Peter’s we use Get Set 4 PE to deliver high-quality PE lessons from EYFS to Year 6.



At St Peter’s we strongly believe that all children should have access to a progressive and varied physical education programme, which places a real emphasis on developing physical competences and teamwork skills, while encouraging healthy competition and leadership. It is our objective to promote confidence and participation in a range of sports across all year groups. Children will develop athleticism and self-esteem throughout their time at St Peter’s. Children will also understand and explain the importance of nutrition and diet in their performance in sport. As a result of high-quality teaching and curricular opportunities, children will be motivated to lead lifelong active, healthy lifestyles in which they continue their participation in physical activity and sport. Children who participate in sports outside of school are celebrated and recognised as part our Healthy School mission.